Frequently Asked Questions


Are aquatic plants necessary?

Do I need a DEQ permit to install a Mat?

When installing, does the mat sink to the bottom or do you need to stand on it to sink?

Can I leave my Mat in all year?

Installation of the mat looks easy in shallow water. How does one isntall it in 8' to 10' depth water?

Do I need to clean my Mat off?

To cover a large area, can you attach more than 1 together to cover a wider/longer area?

How are the mats affected by Zebra Mussels?

Is there a risk of the mats ripping from fishing lures?

Do I have to put in the plastic stakes?

Can the Mat be used on top of lily pads to get rid of them?


How do I move my LakeMat?

How can a LakeMat help with my soft lake bottom?

Does the LakeMat really work?

Does the LakeMat trap gases like a tarp?


Can I stand on the edge of a MuckMat?

How long will the MuckMat work?

Does the muck mat come with the stakes and the rope?

Does muck 'ooze' through the vent holes when you walk on it & then stay on the top of the mat?

Can I put sand over the top of a MuckMat?

Does a MuckMat control lake weeds too?

How does a MuckMat work?

How can MuckMat help with my soft lake bottom?