Our LakeMats are large, environmentally-friend Mats that rest on your lake bottom to eliminate all your lake weeds — exactly where you want.

LakeMats (like our MuckMats and BoatLift Mats) also eliminate the growth of aquatic weeds at the bottom of your lake area.

LakeMats help you to recover the natural lakebed and to create beautiful, clean, clear lakefront.

Made of tough, geotextile fabric, on a rugged steel frame that is fish, frog, people, and any other aquatic creatures friendly.

Our LakeMats come in 3 sizes – Small (4 x 4m), Medium (4 x 6m), Large (4 x 8). Our Mats are easily linked together to get rid aquatic weeds and build a lovely area to swim & relax at your lakefront

8 M x 4 M €499.00
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Benefits of LakeMats

There are a few reasons why LakeMats are a great option for your lake or pond area:

Low Maintenance

Lake mats don’t take a lot of work to install. They don’t require much time or strenuous labor. You also don’t need special skills or tools. Almost anyone can install lake weed control mats.


LakeMats are very effective at blocking sunlight from lake weeds. This makes the lake more user-friendly, inviting, and more aesthetically pleasing.

Easy to Use and Move

LakeMats for weeds can be installed at any time, moved, or taken out when no longer needed. When not in use, LakeMats can be easily removed and safely stored.


Another way of eliminating aquatic weeds is to use chemicals. However, these options can damage the lake’s ecosystem. LakeMats are safe for the environment. LakeMat materials are all-natural and organic.


Other solutions like chemicals and aerators are expensive and need to be used frequently. Lake mats are relatively inexpensive. They can be used for many years. They require no yearly applications, maintenance, outlay for materials, or power to run them.

Why Choose GoodbyetoMuck LakeMats?

  • Eco-friendly, cost-effective Goodbye to Muck LakeMats cost less than an annual supply of chemicals or herbicides. These mats last for years.
  • When it comes to lake weed control, Goodbye to Muck LakeMats are effective, easy to install, and much less labor-intensive than raking and other mechanical lake weed removal techniques.
  • Goodbye to Muck LakeMats control lake weeds anywhere they are placed, yet they do not interfere with your neighbors’ boatlifts, shores, or lake weed control measures.
  • Goodbye to Muck LakeMats come in convenient sizes. These can be used individually or combined to cover larger areas of your lake area.
  • Goodbye to Muck LakeMats can be placed in one area and moved to another area when lake weed control is achieved in the first area. LakeMats are effective for all types of lake weed control.
  • Goodbye to Muck LakeMats are 100% guaranteed. If your LakeMats do not make your lake a nicer place to enjoy, kill existing aquatic weed and prevent new lake weed growth, simply return your lake mats for a full refund.
  • Before




    The following two photos were taken one day apart.

    If you look closely, you can see the edge of the LakeMat in the bottom of the 'After' picture.

    What is Included


    Aluminum Steel frame to provide strength to structure


    Water permeable non woven synthetic that blocks sunlight from reaching the weeds below the mat

    Gas Relief Ports

    Provides an opening for gas from decaying weeds under the mat

    Stakes & Zip-Ties

    Hold mat in place on the lake bottom floor. Once settled, however, the mat does not move as the frame fills up with water

    What Makes Our LakeMat So Great?



    No chemicals, fish kills, or water restrictions. Leave other areas natural and untouched for fish & wildlife.


    The LakeMat is water permeable, gas permeable and block 98% of sunlight. Leave it underwater year round without troubles, the LakeMat Pro's fabric lasts at least 20 years!
    Quick and Easy

    Quick and Easy

    Place the LakeMat Pro where you want and move it whenever. We assure the assembly won't take any longer than 30 minutes.